Shipment Policy

You get your product delivered in the entire UK and EU by following the shipping policies of our online pharmacy As soon as you register yourself on our website to place an order of medicine, you get the option of shipping methods for your product delivery according to your comfort and convenience. When you register yourself you get a system generated email automatically which verifies your medicine requirement and about you’re shipping of the medicinal consignment. Our website gives you the opportunity to select shipping method so that we may serve you according to your convenience and comfort with customer-friendly manners. You will get your product delivered within the pre-mentioned time of our website when you place an order of your medicine. We cannot let you wait any longer because this is our policy to deliver your medicinal consignment under the stipulated period of time. There is no change of time of delivery but we are helpless if we face any unforeseen situation or natural disaster. It's the matter of distance and your selection of shipping method which takes time accordingly to send your product at mentioned address. The minimum expected time of delivery is next working day in the inner circle of UK and exterior part takes 2 to 3 days of delivery time. It will take time to reach your product in the EU 5 to 7 working days. We have a huge shipping network in the entire nation and we take the best courier services to deliver your medicinal consignment as fast as possible.

You can track your medicinal consignment on the way

It is the best part of shipping what our online pharmacy provides you that you can easily track your medicinal consignment on your way home. You could easily examine and search where your product is at a particular time and what it will take to reach your home. You could take the requisite information from your automatic system generated email and find your product accessibility.


Our online platform takes complete accountability of fast shipping of your medicinal consignment once you register yourself on our website to buy the sleeping pills. It is a binding obligation of ours to dispatch your medicine on time. You can opt shipping method for the fastest of delivery. We provide you first-class recorded delivery in the UK and traceable Airmail delivery in Europe. If you place a bulk order, it is more likely to come faster than normal delivery of the product at a discounted price. We are unable to process the usual courier services in the festive season such as Christmas or postal strike or any other undesirable situation. We have been operating with the best courier services and pharmaceutical companies so our team members may handle any uncalled-for situation and deliver your product as soon as possible. In the case of informal delay, you may take our online assistance to help you better.

Cancellation of consignment after dispatch

It is possible to cancel or exchange your medicinal consignment within the 24 hours. Once the shipping process starts, we are helpless to help you. You will not be able to cancel an exchange after 24 hours of your buying online. If you get any query or difficulty, you may take the online assistant round the clock. Live chat is also possible according to your convenience.

Return policy

Return of your medicine consignment is only viable if you get another product what you have been ordered for, or you get the sub-standard quality of product what our online pharmacy delivers.

We process the initiation of Return if and only if we get your product is broken, missing, or damaged when you receive your consignment.

We will appreciate if you give a proof of shipping drawback or any mishandling of your medicinal consignment. It will speed up the process of returning if you validate your claim. Returning process takes time to return your shipping product up to seven days.