Refund policy

All the information you take about insomnia and insomnia related symptoms to read the contents, articles and our blogs are just to get you aware of sleep disorder and to make you understand your current health condition. You could better understand about symptoms related to insomnia and how to get healthy slumber not even by medicines but other relaxation techniques also. These contents have been written to make you aware and conversant in general. The whole buying decision of sleeping pills are used and we do not take any accountability of your buying decision at all after reading our blogs and contents. Online pharmacy does not take responsibility if you get any side effects by having medicines. We never force to buy medicine online it is all about your personal will and decision for the cure of insomnia.

Here you can get aware of our disclaimer policy more clearly

The information you get on our website about product outline, instructions uses, and side effects only to aware buyers. We are not at all responsible if information you gather on our website causes harm. The information we give through our website is just for awareness not for any recommendation.

The medicines available on our website won't have the same effect because everybody is different from his body type and medical conditioning of a person. We never give any assurance for complete cure.

If you place an order of medicine on our website, it is supposed to you are contracting with our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are equally binding and obligatory for buyers and sellers both.

We never receive orders from underage people or children below 18.  We can receive orders if underage people show the proof of medical prescription online. There is no returning of medicinal consignment, it is only possible if it belongs to other people.

We never promote any illegal practices so we are not responsible if you get any additional link by browsing our website. We advise you to keep your system update and virus-proof to avoid any trouble.